Photos by ShSh

Mombasa Beach and Sky

ShSh is an old college friend of MH. They first met in 1967 at Hull University. They have stayed intouch ever since. ShSh was a keen photographer and also produced a couple of films.These photos arrived on the 2018 New Year. No title. No message. They are of Mombasa beachand sky. ShSh lives in Nairobi; but visits the UK frequently.


MH – The 3 Shoreline Photos: I was engaged by the successive depths – sky, sea, sand and beach-growth, with bigger outgrowths away from the shoreline. Good continuity; but with interesting configurations. Absence of people make them look very solitary and of nature. The sand must be very fine – it looks almost like snow in places. As to their meaning – maybe something like a ‘quiet cove’ or ‘not Brighton’ or some such….. There may be more abstract meanings associated with our earlier conversations; but that would need you to confirm, unless the message lies in the sea’s shallowness and the implications thereof.

The 3 Sunsets (my initial guess) are magnificent events of nature. Great patterns and vibrant colours…….fine in perceptual terms…..  Again, abstract meaning might be expressing earth’s limits/joins/or somesuch. Higher-level abstraction may be as for shoreline photos.

ShSh – Very simply photos are of the dawn on New Year’s morning about six am at the beach house we were staying at. Snapshots using my mobile phone on my early morning walk. Hopefully A new day a new dawn a new beginning 

MH – I will buy that.