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This blog site is about finding meaning in our lives or making our lives more meaningful. This is not a cult or a self-help website. It is an opportunity for the contributors to the site to witness to the truth of their own experiences of what makes their lives meaningful.
From designing a garden (see Trouble Shooting a Garden) to enjoying physical activity (Sporting Adventures).
Let’s hear from you,
RR and MH
(For the origins of the site see below)

About This Site

The aim of this Blog is to explore the arts as a way of making a better go of our lives. The exploration has no limits. Further, we have no answers or solutions. However, we are serious about giving the Blog and life our best shot. We do not know how to add meaning to our lives anymore than you or anyone else does. However, we do expect to get the odd insight, which we are happy to share. Someone might find it useful. Never know your luck. If you feel like joining in, let us know. All insights are welcome, although no time wasters please. The water is warm.

Who Are We?

She is Amster Hamfert (aka AH) and he is Bradi Cardi (aka BC) – a couple of long-time social friends.  We are the Blog’s creators, who are looking to make some changes to our individual lives. Each needs a bit more meaning. AH is about halfway through her life. BC has about a tenth or less left to go. AH is female, married with a teen-age daughter and working. BC is a widower with grown-up children, now with a partner. Although retired, he is trying to finish off his life’s work in research. The differences between the pair should provide some useful insights. We support each other in this joint project/escapade. We hope our insights will be of interest to others – no guarantee, however. Uncharted territory.


At a workplace reunion, BC was going on (and on) about his end-of-life crisis – having only 10% or less of his life left to live and being unsure, what best to do with it or how to have a good death. Not a popular subject for a jolly night out at the pub. However, AH warmed to the notion of crisis and confided about her own mid-life crisis, concerning her marriage, her job and her life more generally. The joint project/escapade was born. The Blog is an attempt to reflect on how we are doing. It may even be of some interest to others. 


The Blog describes AH and BCs’ attempts to explore art as a way of making a better go of their lives in the face of their respective life crises. The idea is to give their lives a better meaning. The Blog consists of a date-ordered record of these attempts and any related matters. Links lead to a more extended discussion of these attempts. Give it a go!

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