Pangrams Anyone?


CP writes

Pangram for my goddaughter O with alternative endings (now slightly out of date due to changing lockdown rules)


A birthday card delivering extremely fond greetings heads into O’s keeping……..Lockdown means no outdoor picnics, quiet racecourses, shuttered theatres, unusually vacant weekends. Xmas? You’re zapped!

A birthday card delivering extremely fond greetings heads into O’s keeping……. Let’s move now or pretty quickly risk seeing this unspeakable virus win. XXX Your Zeusfather.

Pangram 2

CP Writes

One last hurrah for the Pangram, a 26-word essay/story/whatever where each word begins with a successive letter of the alphabet. These were my last surviving efforts, the first being autobiographical:

GW’s Resident

‘art, Brazil, crosswords, diabetes, etymology, France, gastronomy, horseracing, isolation, jelly-making, kinship, Latin, music, neologism, omelettes, pedantry, quizzing, Russia, semantics, tiddlywinks, uncles, virology, Wadham, xenophilia, yoghurt, zombie’ 

critic examines the possibility of writing reviews using reverse pangrams, or margnaps.

Zachary Young’s X-rated work visually upstages The Scream! Ribald, quirky painting opens numerous macabre leitmotifs, keeping just inside hallowed guidelines for experimental diabolism challenging bourgeois artistry.

I think I might have got pangrams out of my system, at least until proper jumping racing resumes…….A betting coup demands expert form gathering, handicapping information, jockey knowledge………but let’s not jump the gun.

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