Hooray! It’s Tuesday

To-day is Tuesday – all day and there is one a week. I should be so lucky.

What’s all the fuss? Here’s my plan for a Tuesday morning at least:

  • 1hr cycling to a Local Council drill hall from my home.
  • 1.5hrs playing badminton doubles with a mixed group of over-fifties ( a number of whom are over qualified, including myself), interrupted only by tea and biscuits.
  • 1hr cycling home.

Here’s why I like Tuesdays:

  1. 2.5hrs constitutes a good day’s physical exercise of a semi-vigorous sort, depending on how fast I cycle and how hard I play Badminton. Certainly, good for the legs and to some extent to the upper body. Aerobic too.
  2. Cycling is also good mental and reactive practice, planning, navigating and avoiding cars/potholes/opening vehicle doors etc. Most of the route is through two large parks, so there is lots to see and to appreciate depending on the time of the year.
  3. Playing badminton is a social pastime. Some of it may be a bit modest – the weather, the traffic etc; some story or other; but sometimes politics, religion, morality, aesthetics filter through. There are also some ‘characters’, who can be enjoyed or suffered. Take your pick.

In the afternoon, I get on with serious work; but feel well set up by the morning’s outing in mind and spirit.

More details of one kind or another likely to follow. Watch this space.