CP Spills the Beans……

Without a real grasp of what modern is in terms of writing I have no idea what post-modern might mean. But the idea of juxtaposed autobiographies is intriguing, and I have a rough draft of events at various stages of my life; many of those stages bear close comparison/contrast with similar stages in yours, which might or might not be of any interest to anyone else. Analytical and earnest might not sit happily with shallow and flippant, but in both cases intelligence and wit should be to the fore, whatever the choice of words, so that the finished piece should at least be readable, whether in tantalising instalments in your blog like the original Sherlock Holmes stories or as a gargantuan whole. Topics where we both have plenty of input to compare include childhood, with reference to our shared family heritage, elite education, working for worldwide companies, relations with cousins and activities in retirement. For my part, I would also expatiate on my primary and secondary schools, my time in Paris and holidays in France, working as a restaurant inspector and other jobs, aspects of living in various parts of the capital, my dearest friends, my love of bridge and horseracing, and an enduring love affair with words and word games. Regrets, I’ve had a few, including recklessness with money, but intense relationships play very little part and personal stays personal…..which of course might invalidate the whole thing.


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