Clay Tiles by BBF


BBF – I started a new hobby, to round out my days. Clay relief tiles. This is the 1st – I started it earlier today. Don’t laugh – it is the 1st- and not finished. A plus!

Clay Relief Flower

Clay Relief Flower

JBL – As for the clay tile…….I think that you are on to something here. This is crafty art or arty craft – maybe artisanal…..It goes along with your bird feeder creations and culinary architectures. You enjoy making things. The latter may also be useful. Eitherway, they are grounded in your experience of the world. Also, they link up with the history of the area – les Tuileries were tile kilns from the 19th century. There are a few around Auzon. A very interesting article in the last Mange-Prune (village newsletter), which you must definitely read and inwardly digest.

Some questions to fill in the backstory….What gave you the idea? What was/is the idea? Where did you get the clay? Who else does it? Why flowers, although that’s clear enough, given your enthusiasm for gardening. Anything else that might clue me up about what’s going on in that mind of yours…..

I would definitely encourage you to continue (as well as with the bird feeders). Not that you won’t go somewhere else next. It’s in the nature of your curiosity about yourself and the world and your engagement with both.

I like the tile. The flower looks flowery enough and innocent to boot, although I have not made my mind up about that. Some nice scratchy bits around too.

This is the encouraging response. Also, it’s more personal and socially oriented than the critical appreciation which will follow. No secret that I would like to post this with a commentary. It could appear as part of your Auzon story as well as in the Arts Forum, to get feedback. I would like to do the same for the bird feeders. Do you have any photos of them? Would appreciate a copy if you do.

BBF – Hildegard is another day. But, the inspiration for the dragonfly tile. She recently passed at the very respectable age of 90. I remembered something from my childhood when I was walking Jez. My Mama bought me a kids pottery wheel when I was about 8, maybe 9. It was made for children all hard plastic- battery operated. I don’t think I ever created anything of beauty, and honestly probably after I ran out of clay that came with – I didn’t use anymore. We had hobby stores, but as I remember they were mainly car and airplane models.

Clay Dragonfly Tile

JBL- Again, I like this one. Nice novel colour. Well defined parts of the dragonfly. Not easy subject matter. Needs a lot of simplifying, which you have managed to do well. The angle suits well and the curve to the main body part. Interesting to compare it with the flower tile. This seems to be bolder in its relief. Both have good backgrounds. Do you feel that you are improving? Which gave you most pleasure to make. Which do you most enjoy looking at?

JBL – I like the functional novelty – doorbell cover. Would never have thought of that…….how do you stick it on? Did you take a clay impression of the doorbell. Whose idea was it? Does a doorbell need protecting? Any relationship between the bee and the function? Can’t think of one myself. No background?

The bee appears less assertive than the dragonfly……maybe only a worker bee and not a queen? The legs lack symmetry? Any reason? Also, the patterns on the wings seem different on the 2 sides. Maybe the sale of the tile?

A whole new vista opens up by adding functionality to the tile. The mind boggles – labels for hooks with appropriate symbols, boxes with image tops, table place markers (maybe for frequent or especially charming customers) etc etc. You’ll be needing your own kiln soon…… by the way are the tiles fired? Should they be?