What My Family Means To Me

The small cluster of surviving SPs are of course scattered and inaccessible at the moment. N has maintained a strict social isolation policy because she feels that she is in the vulnerable category given age and the accumulation of disorders which have to be managed.
W similarly has maintained strong social isolation although he does leave his house to restock food and get vital parts for the refreshment of the interior of his house.  He hopes/ plans to offer his spare bedroom to another lodger when the travel restrictions are lifted and is making everything `spick and span`  for a new customer. That term `s and s’ seem to date from the early or mid 20th century.  But perhaps its origins are much earlier.
He has been fortunate in having two long term lodgers who worked at the CA  to provide a part income.  And added this to his design, build, decoration  income source  for people.  Now stopped because of the corona virus based outbreak  and the deficits in vision and movement and strength consequence on his cerebral bleed episode 
One of his lodgers was an engineer – a K person – working on the design / installation of specialist equipment inside an AB frame.   The other an ex navy person worked as the PA to the CEO  in the Engineering part of the company activities.Both were mature people – good manners and thus ideal lodgers.
But  changes in the industry –  demands for specialised servicing  etc – has led to a change of plan – including the  location of this business.  The Corona Virus then appeared and the ex navy person decided that in a time of uncertainty – employment and demand – to move on and return to join her husband in the marital home in SA.  Upheaval all round. 
W has retained a  relatively even mood state and has adapted to his deficits.  Of course given his experience of neurosurgery and cancer treatment in his early teams, then in the 1990s his sudden loss of hearing – cause unknown –  and  the need for reconstructive ear surgery he has experience of `getting through  things’.  
He was due to have some corrective surgery on one of his eyes this summer. But all that kind of work at AH has been delayed given the need to focus on dealing with Covid 19 patients – given that this hospital is the major regional hospital and the go to place for specialist treatment. 
In recent times W did some refurb work in his house and found it very difficult to do single handed. He reported – sadly – that he had lost his manual dexterity – linked to the eye conditions I assume – and strength.  He can  no longer train to maintain his physical strength in the way he was committed to when rowing competitively with a city club crew and one other group.  
I hope to get up to E now that we have passed the June 1 first date to see N – with the 2 meter rule in force –  and W to help with clearing up material following his recent refurb work.
But I am still unclear whether I run the risk of being held at a road block along the route and questioned about my intentions and the possibility that I might be a virus carrier about to endanger the good people of C and my immediate family. 
The location three – EW, A and Ja – are working through the complications that have occurred with regards to both the grown ups working from home and the need to manage the needs of Ja given her rapid and very pleasing development. She was due to go into a day nursery but having spent one day there the nursery service was shut down along with all the public spaces for the old and young. 
Judging from the WattsApp images I receive the damaged skin on Ja’s lower chin and upper chest is not very noticeable.  But I dunno really.
I believe N is moving towards opening up again as of last week.  EW and A bought a `dacha’  – wooden structure adjacent to ponds and a wooded are some distance SW of N in 2019 and had it fixed up.
 I believe these dachas were originally owned by the HU in the previous regime’s time and maybe before  the division and were available to  staff.
A has an apartment  on the 4th floor of a late 19th Century building  near the canal section of the river E.  EW has a 3rd floor apartment in a 19th Century building in G that he bought with sitting tenants years ago.  He finally got access and finished refurbishing the flat at the end of xxxx.  By being patient and waiting he has ended up with a very pleasant living space.  He does his working from home for his company duties from  this apartment.  
Their arrangements all seem to be very complicated to me  and I wonder what stress and strains has arising given the restricted situations.  But it is just the way that things have turned out.