Trouble Shooting a Garden

BC has a very large second-home garden – 500M2, in France. It was unwanted; but went with the house, which was going for a song. Irresistible or what? However, with 3 visits a year making a stay 2 of months in all, garden maintenance is a bit of a problem. It takes BC 2-4 hours day, when in residence and he is no spring chicken. The challenge is to maintain the garden as desired with an acceptable level of effort.

Meeting the challenge has not been easy, in-spite of BC being supported by the ideas of an ex-colleague and friend – A, who happens to be a landscape gardener. The idea behind the post is two-fold. First, to open up the challenge to others, friends and readers; who are also interested in gardening. Second, to report attempts to add meaning to the designing and implementing of such a garden.

The process is as follows. BC will post photos, showing the state of the garden at the beginning and end of a visit. Also, identified will be maintenance problems, their associated solutions and their effectiveness. People are welcome to suggest ideas, intended to help meet the challenge.

The summer ’20 visit to Auzon followed a previous visit in September of last year, the Easter visit being cancelled.The garden, then, had not been maintained for 10 months or so.

Before – Flower Beds 1 and 2, Mosaics 1 and 2

Before – Flower Beds 1 and 2, Mosaics 1 and 2

Completely overgrown.

Earlier Problems – Russian vine, excessive peony growth, weeds

Earlier Solutions – Pull Russian vine, reduce peony groups and number per group, treat weeds.CDPs – Excessive peony growth. Weeds in mosaics.

Current Solutionss – Flower beds – more bark, more tiles, reduce peony number per group. Treat weeds.

After – Flower Beds 1 and 2, Mosaics 1 and 2

Any other ideas anyone? We must be told!

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