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Sporting Adventures

Anyone can have a sporting adventure. Tailor your adventure to your level of fitness and taste for excitement. Some people are enjoying the new sport of tough mudders, others find circus skills add excitement and creativity to their physical activies.  In my new life (see get a new life) one of the joys is facing new challenges. My new partner enjoys canoeing and wild camping so despite my misgivings I have embraced these pursuits too. If the weather looks favourable, we get a train out of London on a Friday night to a remote spot by the sea or a river.  We camp and the next morning we inflate our pack rafts and canoe our way to a new location. It’s exercise in a new light. Walking and paddling and encountering new people and places.

To do this you need lightweight camping gear and a packraft.

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Packrafting in Kents estuaries

These activities are fun but also scary. The wild camping can feel dangerous at times – you can feel very vulnerable in a tent in a strange place. The canoeing is inherently dangerous so we prepare well checking tides and weather and routes. Not recommended for the faint hearted!

There are organised versions of this – maybe a good starting point..Try this group in Wales