Fitness First!



At the age of 51 I am very grateful to be fit, well and feeling full of energy. Many people pass comments like “your very lucky “or” it must be in your genes” or “it’s your work “. Obviously, all of the above help however this is a life style I have chosen and I also work very hard as I enjoy the benefits mentally as well as physically.


So, my back ground is dance ,50 years in fact. Started dance school at the age of 2 yrs and never really stopped. Went onto to perform and travel. Later in life started teaching and then got very interested in other forms of fitness including running, boxing, Its, racket sports, walks, etc …….

I currently have my own dance school where I teach dance to children but more recently have started teaching all kinds of fitness to the over 50s forum in London


Working with the over 50s has been a real eye opener. Listening to everyone’s stories, and understanding there is definitely a sport, outlet, release for everyone no matter what your schedule or disability. The secret and most difficult bit is finding something you really enjoy and doing it regular. Yes, you do have to be disciplined but the feel-good factor afterwards is amazing, let alone the physical benefits and it soon becomes just a way of life.

There will be stages in your life where your current form of exercise has to change due to work schedule, injury, age, circumstances. This can be soul destroying for some. However, change can be good. There are so many new fun ways to keep fit and healthy and my personal advice is to mix it up. Many injuries are caused through repetition, so why keep repeating? Variety is the spice of life, right? Snack exercising is also a great way to exercise and less likely to give injury.


For me it is dance/movement which is my passion; use it or lose it is my motto!  If any of you can find an adult dance class, I highly recommend it as this is exercise in disguise. It exercises both your mind and body and joined with music is a recipe for success. The physical results from dance are endless. Dance is a form of exercise that uses every part of your body, increasing your flexibility, gaining strength, improving balance and good cardiovascular exercise helping with weight loss. . It’s also been proven to help depression and improve self-confidence. There are so many classes around with many genres to choose from or even on line if you prefer. If dance is not your thing try a stretch/mobilise class which uses every part of your body, especially beneficial for the more mature, I run these classes and my clients walk out feeling taller, refreshed and more mobile.


Health and wellbeing:

All about lifestyle choice! Only you can change this.

This is my passion. Although I exercise for a living, I still choose options that are good for my mental wellbeing. I walk /run to work instead of using transport. Make sure I have outside fresh air every day. Limit screen time. Sleep a good 7/8 hours a night. Good intake of water to keep hydrated. Enjoy a good, colourful Mediterranean diet. Socialize regular with friends.


Whatever your age, circumstance, preference ………Just keep moving and do what’s good for you!