Paintings by Dennis Davis

Art Forum Introduction – Dennis Davis

Connecting lines, circles and squares; representing objects as shapes and forms – the infinite possibilities of expression are fascinating to me.  As a child, drawing was a means of escape and provided a path to creativity which, in my case, was essential for confidence building.

In this endeavor, I hope to express how my drawings and paintings were created -whether through planned composition or spontaneous flow, and how the processes of color selection, representation, and expression were conceived.Acceptance is not my motivation for creating art work. I merely explore and record what comes to mind; however, this website provides an interesting opportunity for feedback and interaction. Any thoughts or reactions to my work are welcome.

This particular painting began with a wine bottle and guitar.  From that point, it evolved from thoughts, feelings and visions derived from the initial shapes and colors applied to the canvas, and my mood at the time. From there it took shape during frequent evaluations and new moments of inspiration.  The painting is not easily be categorized as influences of abstract and impressionist painting styles are combined. The components can be compartmentalized or seen as a whole, and the viewer will form their own stories and experiences each time it is examined.  Painting is 60.9 cm x 76.2 cm.

These are paintings two and three in an abstract series of six paintings.  The illusions are built around still life and motion.  These are mainly just another exercise in spontaneous expression.  My goal of artistic discipline still on the horizon.

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