Occasional Photos

Most people take photos of one sort or another. Sometimes the photos turn out to be of more general interest, including artistic or aesthetic aspects . However, they do not constitute a ‘collection’, as such. Nevertheless, others may enjoy engaging with them, including commenting on them. This section provides such an opportunity.

The first entry comprises 2 photos from IF, a friend from Auzon. She is also part of the ‘dream team’ with Sandra Benelli, whose collection of photos appears elsewhere on the site.


Puy de Dom – Carolingian Mound on the Limagne Plain

JL This is a stunning picture. First, the lighting goes from bright to dark. Second, the subject matter goes from unseen to hikers (?) to sky and to the sun. I like it for its strong impact, which prompts more detailed exploration. Not sure what it is about exactly – the sun setting, the Puy de Dom, hikers setting out/returning from a day out, some aggregate (humans and nature?)…..all very quizzical. The composition renders all this engagement well – bright light, strong natural lines (indeed of nature itself). Artistic or good fortune? Unclear. We must ask IF………


Lac du Charbon – a Family Day Out

JL This looks like an ordinary family snap…….of which we have all taken and seen (too?) many. But pause for a moment……What struck me and that which is not just a family holiday snap is first, where is the family? It could be the father, mother and child, but look at the distance between them. In what sense are they together and so a family? Also, no posing or smiles or goofy hand gestures…..Who took the photo – a friend? Not a selfie for sure. Rather the opposite. They are all self-occupied and located (except mother and child). So, are they the family? Second, the mid- ground is occupied by just 2 people, plus the lake and some boats, all moored……Third, the surrounding hills and forest dominate. And last there is a sky of whose blue, Nice would be proud (See Sandra B’s photos elsewhere on the site). Hidden treasure? I think so…….Some more please, IF?

Part Clermont Ferrand – Part Rainbow