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Pop Up Exercises

Going to the gym, changing and showering generally take longer than the time spent exercising. Why not try doing novel exercises in novel places at novel times. They all count and save time too. Here are some ideas.

Do-It-Yourself Exercising – can be done in the home. Make up the exercises as you go along. No set numbers, no counting, no ordering.

– Backstretch against the fridge.

– Weight lifting with books.

– Play catch with a cushion.

– Hop on the spot.

– Shoulder roll against a door.

Pop-Up Exercising – can be done anywhere.

– Train corridor, using handrail – semi-pressups, knee bends.

– On ‘bus or tube – wrist stretch, ankle rotate.

– Waiting for doctor/dentist/’bus – shoulder roll, finger stretch.

On-The-Go Exercising – can be done anytime.

– Walking/running – neck stretch, power arm swing.

– Resting – toe stretch, wrist rotate.

– Sitting – posture stretch, shoulder roll.

Mix-and-Match Exercising – can be done in the home.

– Dancing and arm stretch, knee bend.

– Singing and toe touch, back stretch.

Try some and let us know how you get on. We will post interesting ones.

Illustration – AP is on her way with BC to their second home in France, which involves 2 train journeys of 7 hours in all. Exercise, then is needed to avoid stiffness and to encourage good circulation. AP is using the train corridor handrail to do body lifts, which exercise thighs and stomach. Other exercises using the train horizontal and vertical hand rails include: semi-press ups; knee bends; ankle rotations; back stretches etc etc. Probably not advisable on overcrowded Southern Rail trains.

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Health Warning

Doing silly exercises at silly times and in silly places……….is silly! For example, trying to 1-legged hop down the steps of a double-decker ‘bus, while it is moving and not using the handrail. You have been warned! Accidents can add meaning to life; but generally not by intent, and so not as desired.