Jacques’ Collector’s Art Collection

Jacques was a good friend. But also a very interesting and unusual one. He was interesting, because he had views about the world, derived from his travels, his work, his personal experience and his friends. He was unusual, because he was kind, but also tough, open but also enigmatic.

Jacques was a great collector. Nothing escaped his collector’s attention. It is a pleasure to include examples from his collection on the site. Indeed, they constitute a collection of their own. Enjoy and be surprised?

Thanks for the memories, Jacques. A plus!

(This is a starter introduction. More is to follow.)

The Collector Himself – the One and Only – Jacques!


JAWS on CDs?
One over the Eight?
Hello Sailor!

Get Me Out of Here

Must Have Fallen Under a Truck
Off-road Scootering
Garage CD or CD Garage?

No, Let’s Stay Inside……

Not much missing!

Which is the Odd One out?
Charlie Dixon of Dockgreen? Evenin’ All!

Cycling Helmet? Who put that there?
All My Own Work!

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