Horse-racing and What it Means to Me – Cousin P


Horseracing has many different appeals: the power and grace of the horses, the people involved in the sport, the thrill of the competition, the breeding, the different training methods, the social attraction of a day at the races, the colourful silks, the gambling……For me it’s all these things, but it’s chiefly the statistics of the performance of the horses, the trainers and the jockeys and using that knowledge to try to find winners and generally to enhance the appeal of watching races. The flatrace jockeys in particular are much more media savvy these days, adding an interesting personal angle to previously a monosyllabic bunch.

Subject:Jumping to Conclusions

I’m sure you’ll agree that e has had its moments of freedom and should now come back from its sabbatical to do what it was meant to do. But let me indulge myself one last time, describing one of my great passions and even venturing a final pun – see title of subject (all without using the letter e).

‘My Fascination with National Hunt Racing’ or ‘National Hunt Racing – Why I Luv It’.

I could hardly go on living without National Hunt racing. A bold claim, you might say, and obviously going a bit too far, but it’s what will fill a fair chunk of my waking hours (and far too many nocturnal musings) from Autumn 2019 to Spring 2020, watching, shouting, cursing, scoring, journalising, in short GOING CRAZY about it, from first flag fall to final photo finish.

Henceforth, I’ll avail myself of the full quintet of vowels in producing a weekly update on the state of our competition. I’ll send it the emailees and if there’s little or no response I’ll stop sending it………but I won’t stop writing it, as something has to stimulate my creative juices after the epic Tour de France blog, and it’s not to found in the immediate neighbourhood.