Flying Turtles by Dr DD


I really enjoyed and like this. There is an unreal air about it all; but it’s also very much to the point. It’s at the same time a bit magical; but also very down to earth.

Many of the details are spot on, for example, ‘the wife’ as opposed to my wife. ‘We’ as a sound mistaken for ‘Wendy’ is just hilarious. Also, leaping on the wrong side of the bed. Is this a dream? An alternative universe?

If one can listen to her breathing, then she could not have leaped. Is this all a dream, then? Magical realism?

Where does the hiss of rain come from? Out of the blue; but a nice contrast with the breathing.

Waking from a dream – so was it all a dream. Maybe so.

Are nature programmes really obsessed with turtles? I think not, unless turtles is assumed to be a generic class…… More of the dream? Hard to say.

Weather pigs may be ones than can hear the hissing of the rain. Alternatively, maybe it should be ‘whether’……hard to say.

Very playful; but also a bit disconcerting. Maybe like dreams…..