Posters’ M4A Progress Report – 20, May, 2019

                            POSTERS’  M4A PROGRESS REPORT – 20, MAY, 2019

From time to time, when they feel the urge, RR and MH call a Blogsite Progress Review Meeting (BPRM). The idea is to take stock of blogsite progress (if any), identify any problems and work out how to fix them.

The urge is usually prompted by slow progress and the usual reasons are: lack of time/inadequate WordPress technical competence/work commitments/competing interests/too many silly ideas/family commitments/regular sport and exercise regimes, none of which can be easily ‘fixed’.

So, the meeting turns out to be a cross between a visit to a confessional and a jolly; but the blogsite goes on…and on….and on (so far).

We are posting this Progress Report, to show that we take our own medicine of witnessing to the truth of our experience. We also think that it is a good example, of self-meaning (our individual views), social-meaning (those views in the eyes of the other) and a 2-way compromise, in the form of the to-do list. We also needed a Post for the Social-Meaning Category. Two birds?



1. Tidy up Post Author references on the published Posts (currently ‘RR and MH Together’)

MH thinks the current referencing system is misleading and serves no real purpose. M4A Post authorship appears on the Post itself. Also, RR and MH are more Editors than Authors. Mostly, however, they do not even edit; but simply post.

RR prefers a Blank to Editors to Authors. Also notes that some entry may be a WordPress default requirement.

MH prefers a Blank to Blog Posters to Editors; but Editors to Authors.

To do: RR to explore options and implement as she sees fit.

2. M4A activities have lost their Fun.

Cats and vase

RR thinks:

i) WordPress is hard to use and frustrating, as well as time-consuming, for example, text formatting; image sizing and image resolutioning.

ii) Admin is boring.

iii) Changes to Posts need continuous tidying up.

In contrast

iv) Joint painting was creative and interesting.

v) Wheelie Bin decoration and modelling was fun.

MH agrees and regrets he’s not much help

To do: RR to deal with one technical problem at a time and to seek support from other WordProcess users. 

             MH to put on his fun hat on and get his nose off the category listing.

3. Possible New Posts

i) Painting Chewing Gum on Pavements

MH has met a man, who does miniature paintings on chewing gum, stuck to local pavements (honest). He is doing for pavements what we are trying to do for wheelie bins…….

To do: RR says OK for MH to pursue, take photos and get an interview, if possible.

ii) Primary School Childrens’ Meaning of Life

MH has a friend, who is a primary school teacher and who does a weekly session on ‘philosophy’. He has agreed to let MH and RR do a session on Meaning.

To do: RR in favour. MH to pursue.

iii) Blogsite categories as a way of thinking about Life.

MH has just come up with this.

RR is not so sure and wants persuading.

To do: MH to develop further.

4. Sort out Blogsite Subscribers

RR seems to think there are 500 or more of them.

To do: MH to try to sort out. NOT to contact, however.

5. Test out Comment Function

MH no comments so far……How come?

To do: RR agrees needs exploring. MH to have a go.

6. Quality versus Number of Posts

MH is unhappy about the qualityof some of the Posts, used to occupy the category slots.

To do: MH to upgrade quality bit by bit.

7. Unfinished Posts

RR and MH unhappy about these.

To do: RR and MH to pull their fingers out.

8. Blogsite as Community Service

MH keen on this.

RR agrees.

To do: MH to develop further.

9. Illustrations

MH thinks there is a lot of opportunity for illustrating the site. RR is the illustration Czar.

To do: RR to get on with more illustrations and at the same time to up the fun ante.


10. Joint Painting Project

RR enjoys this and wants more painting action. Finished and posted so far: Hotcas/Cashot and Bradley. Truck1 needs finishing. Nice centre pane. Outside pane wants attention.

To do: RR to get a grip on Truck1.

Back of a lorry painting by MH and RR

             MH to pursue 14a Wheelie bin.

11. Why no posts on major social issues?

MH thought the site should address issues like – celebrity (to whose life does it give meaning – the celebrity or the reader/viewer); BREXIT; disparity between rich and poor; failures of democracy; climate change; personal carbon footprints; the political  disengagement; life style and so on.

RR thought it was time to close the meeting.

The meeting was closed.