DrDD’s Life Does Not mean a Thing!

I have known DrDD for 50 years or so, on and off. We met, when we were doing our PhDs. We are both straight talkers and can take a punch. We were colleagues for a time, working on the same research project. Our paths then diverged; but we both stayed in Academia and met up for jolly reunions at conferences. We are still in contact via e-mail. I asked DrDD what was the meaning of his life? I knew he would consider it a silly question and expected an acerbic answer. I was not disappointed; but it was also more amusing than I expected. See what you think. Hopefully, it will help curb my own pomposity on the matter. Never know your luck!


You Believe What? 

I’ve just been asked, About the “meaning of life?’

A Professor’s question, Which has given me much mental strife.

There is none, Though the meaning concept is rife,

Everything is just belief, I gave ‘em all up in a trice.

On models of models, Are built some theoretical edifice,

But someone will believe anything, It’s intellectually sloppy zeitgeist.

There is no meaning, Throw Chaos Theory’s dice,

Believing in anything, It’s far too high a moral price.

Whatever is believed, It is a monumental vice.

Living in the moving Now, I find that this can suffice.

JL Comment: Originally, I was going to critique this post, word-for-word and eye-for-an-eye……..but on reflection, I thought enough rope would do a better job. Those wishing to assess my judgement on the matter should refer to ‘ DrDD’s other post in All Meaning.

PS DD seems to think the meaning of life can only refer to religion or somesuch. In this case, he is right. Religions offer belief not knowledge. However, he needs to buy a dictionary (or two). The meaning of life can also mean self-realisation and in any manner of ways. For example, ‘enjoying things’ here circular


A Circular Photopoem


DD is a bit of an oldie, but not as much of an oldie as some others I could name……Eitherway, he has a few hints and tips, which might serve his seniors. See what you think…….also whether he takes pleasure and engages with what he is doing. A slippery slope to mxxnxxg, some might think.

Here are a couple of comments taken from a Dr DD email on the ‘engineering triumph’

……and just to prove it isn’t all talk and no trousers, here’s today’s engineering triumph!

Unfortunately, all this standing up means my ankles have become very swollen, even this early in the day, so its feet up and watch a bit of cricket, perhaps with the odd sketch, until dinner tonight.

Best Wishes,
                       Dan <>

P.S. I bought a small chisel 20 odd years ago, on the basis that every toolbox should have one, but have never used it until today.  I last used a chisel 56 years ago in my school’s woodwork class.  I was rubbish and never managed a mortice and tenon joint; the cheap pine they gave us always split on me. <>

JL BUT… he did manage this and obviously takes pride in it. He also uses and enjoys the result. And so he should…..but don’t tell me it did not give him satisfaction, nay even added to the meaning of his life by getting upstairs with less discomfort and more time to get on with his life…… I rest my case M’lud!