Haiku for Beginners

Dr <DD> got me going on this…….he is a bit of a dab hand, as you can read. I am, on the other hand, very much a beginner…..I am not even sure that I see the point, although I am trying hard. I would like it to be on the way to writing some (real?) poetry. Let’s see how I get on and you too, if you want to have a go. All welcome!

Eight Syllables a Line…….


Here’s my first (political to boot) Boiku Haiku…..

Johnson Out! (3)

Johnson Out! (3)

Johnson Out, Out, Out! (5)

Let’s Take Back Control. (5)

Let’s Get Johnson Done. (5)

Dr <DD>


No news is good news. (5)

Live more, then no more! (5)

Life is still there for living. (7)

For the time being. (5)

Dr <DD>


Cofid-19 came. (5)

That much is clear. (4)

But where did it went? (5)

It went viral……(4)

Dr <DD>


Come bide with me. (4)

Fast falls the even tide. (5)

Company on the rocks? (6)


Winter sunshine! (4)
Powers my e-bike (4)
Into fitness. (4)


A nest of brambles, (5)

Scratches my walk. (4)

Blood in the sand? (4)


A burp in the rain (5)

Treat fire with fire. (4)

All gone, Daddy! (4)


Dearest X! (3)

I am here, (3)

You are there. (3)

The icy wind of silence (7)

Cuts the air, (3)

Like a Knife, (3)

To the bone. (3)

On a par then? (4)

We must be told. (4)

Veuillez distinguer, chere Madame, mes salutations distinguees.(16)

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