Ben’s Gumpix

Ben Wilson is known for his brightly-coloured artworks. They are unusual in as much as they are created on chewing gum, which is stuck to the pavement, having been flattened by many passing shoes. They are, of course, miniatures. Many of such artworks can be found on the pavements of Muswell Hill in North London. He agreed for a sample of them to be displayed on the site. He hopes to get a bit more exposure for the artworks; but also some feedback and even some engagement in the form of a discussion, as to their purpose and success.

Ben Wilson (2018) – ‘David, Luciane, BW, Sofia and Luiza’

Ben Wilson (July, 2014; July 2018) – ‘CWTCH Dragon’

Ben Wilson – ‘Leona, Debbie, Emma and Sarah’

Ben Wilson (2017) ‘Harith and Okhail’

Ben Wilson – ‘Julia, Ali, Wesam and Maya’

Ben Wilson (2019) ‘Chewing Gum Picture – Jon, Kazi, Amy, Muswell Hill Police’

Ben Wilson (2018) – ‘Renee and Ivan’

Ben Wilson (2019) – ‘Mountain Walking in Snow’

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